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Finding Purpose in Impact


Our mission is to improve lives through thoughtful design.


Our mission to improve lives through thoughtful design began many years ago, when APG’s Managing Partner Justin Cullifer was recruited for a role that would become a life-changing experience. He led a team tasked with addressing national security issues by designing next-generation, innovative technology solutions. Specifically, his team addressed issues identified by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (aka - the 9/11 Commission).

In the years since, Aligned Partner Group (APG) formed as a coalition of like-minded solution architects, designers and innovators. APG applies the same sense of urgency when designing for other industries as well. From decreasing a bank’s timeframe to issue small business loans, to enabling a life insurance company to significantly increase the number of clients it serves through an original mobile-first sales platform, the team at APG always finds ways to make an impact.


Diversity. Experience. Empathy. Pragmatism.

Our team brings a combined seventy-five years of experience to the you. Our breadth crosses public and private organizations, large and small. We pride ourselves on being good stewards of our clients’ resources. We recognize that there are textbook methodologies for strategic and analytical activities but appreciate that every organization has its unique culture, operating model and other nuances that make it unique.

We are a small, Hispanic and LGBT-owned firm. Our team is diverse not only in terms of its career experiences, but life experiences too. We have seen time and again that this diversity leads to immediate empathy for the stakeholders we are serving. As practitioners of user-centered design, we are advocates for understanding multiple points of view, likes and dislikes, motivators and detractors. We feel that having open minds and demonstrating empathy to our clients and stakeholders ensures that our engagements will make each participant feel confident that they have been recognized and their contributions valued.


We celebrate diversity as a small, diverse, LGBT-owned firm. APG is a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTE) by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

We celebrate our hometown Atlanta community as members of the Augusta Chamber of Commerce, Greene County Chamber of Commerce, the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.


Aligned Partner Group is the preferred information technology partner for What Now Atlanta

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