Voice Assistant: A Financial Services Example

Over the next several weeks, Aligned Partner Group will share examples of functionally realistic voice assistant skills that demonstrate what’s possible. It is one thing to read about these capabilities; it’s another to actually experience them!

For this Financial Services prototype, imagine you are a customer who banks with fictitious National Bank. You have a checking account and a credit card with the Bank, and want to use your Alexa device to learn information and take action on your accounts. The process is fast, easy and engaging.

What’s in it for the customer: Ease of use and a feeling of caring and advocacy for his financial wellbeing, leading to increased loyalty to National Bank.

What’s in it for the Bank: A new channel for client engagement that is growing in popularity every day, analytics to compare voice engagement to that of chat, IVR and web channels, fewer calls to its call center agents.

It’s time to start thinking about how a Voice Assistant skill will enhance your business and customers’ experience!