Announcing APG Emerging Tech!

What’s in a name? A lot! When we founded Aligned Partner Group in 2018, we loved our name because it so accurately describes who we strive to be for our clients, colleagues and community:

Aligned = a shared belief that better results are achieved by convening an aligned collective of experts.

Partner = an implicit trust between firms to always have the client’s wellbeing as Priority #1.

Group = leveraging the hard work and life experiences of a curated group to address our clients’ toughest challenges.

None of these things have changed! But over the past year, we have repeatedly been asked “What does Aligned Partner Group do?” And we have encountered a surprisingly large number of people who read our name as "Allied”, “Allies”, “Aligning” or jokingly quipped “Sounds better than Misaligned!”

Our answer is consistently: We help companies design and build emerging technologies. So with that in mind…

We are excited to announce a rebrand to APG Emerging Tech! Same great company, team and offerings - with a name that better conveys what we offer our clients! With your encouragement and support, we look forward to a future of continuing to be your most well-aligned partner in bringing fresh, innovative ideas for emerging technologies to life!