How It Works

We understand what a big decision it is to bring in outside consultants to assist your team. Our goal is to make this process clear, logical and enjoyable! In only four simple steps, we’ll accomplish:

1 - Introductions and Discovery


We suggest one or more introductory meetings with you and your team to achieve a well-rounded understanding of your pain points. This provides us an opportunity to learn about the history of what got you to this point, your company culture, motivations and success criteria for working together. We will seek to understand your strategy and think about how new technology will help you achieve your strategic goals. This exercise provides you an opportunity to get to know us, our capabilities, and style of working. 

2 - Our Approach and Proposal for Engaging

With a shared understanding, our team will create a customized approach for working together. Our proposals include an executive summary of our understanding and other critical pieces of information captured during our initial conversations. It will define the major milestones, high-level timeline for completion, team composition and cost. We will schedule a meeting with you to review the approach, make any necessary refinements based upon your feedback, and once approved, begin working on first day logistics. 

3 - Executing the Mission

Now the fun begins! Our approach is fully user-centered from the beginning, so very early on we will create personas that reflect the people who will use your new technology or software. This helps keep all stakeholders centered as new ideas are suggested during the course of the engagement. While you will likely interact with multiple people from our team, an engagement lead will be designated as your single point of contact for engagement formalities. 

We follow an Agile approach to our work, regardless of whether or not the final deliverable is technology. We deliver in an iterative manner (aka sprints), so that we can demonstrate progress and make adjustments along the way if needed. This brings you and your team along to understand what we are doing and how we reached the final result of the engagement.

We understand that new technologies and processes can make your organization more effective and productive, but only if the people affected actually use the new technology. During our engagement with you, we will make recommendations to promote adoption of what ever new technology or process we have created. This includes an organizational assessment for support and long-term maintenance and plans for training prior to going live to production or market.

4 - Completing the Mission

Prior to declaring the engagement complete, we will work with you to facilitate a final walk-through and review of what has been created. A product backlog will be created to capture additions to scope that may have arisen during the engagement, and work with you to prioritize those items for completion by you or through a later engagement with us. 

When the final deliverable is a new technology solution, we will provide a thorough hand-off to your long-term support and maintenance team. If you do not have those resources in-house, we can provide an estimate for long-term support and maintenance services.