How We Work

User-centered all the way.


We have a sense of urgency around everything we do, therefore our approach is fast and effective. Our go-to delivery methodology is called APG Mission™. Accelerating the time from idea to completed product, with quality, are our top priorities as part of every APG Mission.

APG Mission Methodology.png

APG Mission Methodology

#1 - Ideation

APG begins with a question: What are we accomplishing together and what is your definition of success? We facilitate sessions to generate ideas and concepts for the mission at hand. This process is thoughtfully planned in coordination with the mission’s sponsor (you) and borrows from the APG Facilitation Toolkit. This ensures the process is equal parts engaging and effective.

#2 - Concept Development

Seeing is believing, therefore we quickly transition from theoretical to what is viable. We apply user experience (UX) design and business analysis experience to model processes in conjunction with realistic, interactive prototypes for the concept.

#3 - Course of Action

With the concept developed, APG will test it with internal and external users of your choosing. This step ensures what gets built truly meets expectations. Think of this as an insurance policy for your product development budget. We will formulate a detailed project approach and implementation plan to ensure all stakeholders are comfortable with the process.

#4 - Mobilize

We integrate with your existing Product Management and IT Development organizations, or provide you a full end-to-end team to deliver the product. We apply either a Scrum or Kanban approach to software development, based upon what best aligns to your business operating model and objectives.


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