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Our consultants have served some of the most recognizable brands in America and the world.

A sampling of our client success stories

Mobile Sales Enablement

Led the design and development initiative to build an industry-first mobile insurance sales platform. Sales associates previously used a method of online, fax and paper to sell policies. With the new platform, sales associates could sell policies from any device. Many sales associates have doubled their income as a result of increased sales.

RPA Lending

When a bank realized it needed to expedite its small business lending process to match those of FinTech startups, we led the design and development of a new lending platform. Integrated with Salesforce CRM, this platform decreased the lending turnaround time from two weeks to two days.

Global Performance Development Framework

An international beverage company has tens of thousands of employees in its global marketing organization. In order to evenly and fairly evaluate each employee, an APG teammate was tapped to interview stakeholders internationally and design a common process and method for evaluations. This process has been adopted and has improved the employee experience and retention significantly.

Plant Operations Modernization

An international manufacturer and supplier of shipping pallets had grown tired of the time-consuming, error-prone and paper-based intake process at its pallet refurbishment plants. They knew something more modern could be designed and built. An APG teammate led an initiative to do site studies at the plants, user experience design of a tablet application that perfected an otherwise paper-based process, and industrial design of the tablet’s forklift truck mounting apparatus. The company now has real-time visibility into this portion of its plant operations.

9/11 Commission Mandate

The 9/11 Commission recommended many improvements to Federal government processes and systems to help mitigate the risk of another such vulnerability. Nearly two years were spent in Washington, DC facilitating workshops with the Department of State and Department of Homeland Security to develop new policies, procedures, and technologies to improve the student and exchange visitor program (SEVP). The teammate represented the US abroad to gain consensus from international stakeholders.

Retail Store Shelf Replenishment

A major home improvement retailer had been servicing its product shelves (aka ‘bays’) in stores using paper-based planograms. An APG teammate led a team to design and develop a smartphone-based solution to guide store employees, step by step, in the activity of consistently and properly replenishing each bay. This product is used in the retailer’s 2,000 stores.


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