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Aligned Partner Group has been a valued partner to the Department of Homeland Security, Department of State and numerous Fortune 500 companies. APG strives to give our clients a customer journey that is painless, seamless, engaging and successful. This is accomplished at a fast and thorough pace thanks to our business maturity + inventive creativity.


Product and Service Innovation, Idea Generation and Development

APG’s consultants have extensive experience designing and developing cutting edge digital products and totally reimagining services.

When we say Digital Product, we mean custom software. The products our teammates have built have been deployed to consumers, used in business, and combinations therein. This includes web-based applications, native mobile apps, voice assistant skills, virtual reality, augmented reality, analytic models and data visualizations, and more.

Everything APG designs begins with the user’s experience in mind. We thoughtfully gather requirements and rapidly prototype the experience in order to validate the concept and ensure the developers build exactly what your company needs.

Our specialties are software for Operations, Sales, B2B and B2C workflows.

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Process Improvement for Operations, B2B and B2C Workflows

Delivering products, technology or a top-notch client experience requires the best talent, systems and processes. Often, gaps are discovered when processes encounter risks and curveballs that emerge in execution. With our expertise in third party management, operations, credit, fraud and regulatory risk management, we can provide a tactical view of processes that balance customer and employee experience with policy and operating procedures.

Our APG Mission™ methodology is our playbook for process definition, grounded in years of business analysis and user experience delivery. Leverage us to define brand new processes or assess and improve existing processes.


Virtual Reality Training from Manufacturing to Customer Engagement

APG provides Virtual Reality (VR) production services to its clients. While VR has been a ‘thing’ for many years, only recently have we witnessed the intersection of portable headset technology, remarkable production quality, and a positive return on investment. Many firms claim they ‘do virtual reality’, but that typically means a $20 rubber headset with a smartphone playing games or YouTube videos. Nothing special.

APG has assembled the team and partnerships required deliver VR experiences that share the same level of quality as those used by America’s armed forces for situational training. We test many new VR hardware systems and we are excited to be one of the first producers with access to the advanced and highly-portable Oculus Quest.



Capitalizing on the best ideas means aligning your company and your employees around a common mission or objective. With many different teams and each with its own set of goals, it can be difficult to focus on a common definition of what the ‘end-state’ may look like. That’s where APG’s Expert Facilitators and Expert Negotiators can help. Our team is able to bring together employees at every level of an organization: from C-level to individual contributors and subject matter experts. Through fast-paced, in-person sessions, we will lead you through single or multi-day engagements to bring clarity and direction to your great ideas. Most clients leave with better defined solutions, rough prototypes and high-level plans for bringing the solutions to fruition.

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Start-ups and Small Business Services

We know what it’s like to start a new business - our team has launched product and service companies our whole careers! We take our experiences and offer offer start-ups and small businesses consultative services in the following areas:

  • Product or Service Ideation

  • Business Model Definition and Validation

  • Market and Competitor Research

  • (For Tech Start-Ups) System Design and Architectural Assessment, Build and Long-term Support Estimation

  • Marketing and Sales Strategy

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