Virtual Reality

Immersive Experience Training


Immersive Environments with Positive ROI

APG provides its clients Virtual Reality (VR) production services. While VR has been a ‘thing’ for many years, only recently have we witnessed the intersection of portable headset technology, remarkable production quality, and a positive return on investment. Many firms claim they ‘do virtual reality’, but that typically means a $20 rubber headset with a smartphone playing games or YouTube videos. Nothing special.

APG has assembled the team and partnerships required deliver VR experiences that share the same level of quality as those used by America’s armed forces for situational training. We test many new VR hardware systems and we are excited to be one of the first producers with access to the advanced and highly-portable Oculus Quest.

Scenarios Suitable for VR

Our belief is that many business environments are perfect for simulation and training to assess employee readiness for real-world situations. In addition to simply traversing about a virtual world, we see potential for interactive scenarios and lifelike conversations. We challenge our clients to think about:

  • Customer or Client-Facing Scenarios - sales, banking, restaurants, retail stores, real estate

  • Emergency Situation Preparedness - storm drills, active shooter scenarios, chemical and biological incidents

  • Assembly and Manufacturing - mechanical assessments, assembly of complex components

  • Construction - walkthroughs, demonstrations, tours

  • Arts and Entertainment - learning, walkabouts, creative interaction

Our Approach

An iterative approach to building your virtual reality

You may have been thinking about bringing VR into your workplace, but have been intimidated by the absence of in-house resources to build and maintain VR or the perceived cost associated with production. Or, you may simply be seeking a POV on the applicability and relevance of VR to your workplace. APG will meet you where you are in the VR consideration process.

APG begins each engagement by asking: What are we accomplishing together and what is your definition of success? Here we can understand your objectives, initial ideas, and provide our own perspectives.

Following an initial Discovery Meeting, we will provide you with a plan for a Design phase engagement where our mission will be to define the personas the VR solution will serve, the environment you wish to create (a new virtual world or perhaps a 360-degree film of an existing real-life location), and the high-level tasks you want the virtual world users to accomplish. The Design phase will allow us to produce a storyboard and mock-ups of the possible. You will be engaged at every step of the project to confirm your requirements before investments are made in building the final product.

Following Design is Build, where the system architecture is finalized, infrastructure and devices selected and put into place, and where the virtual world is built. The duration and cost of Build varies depending upon the scope of the project.

Deployment is when APG delivers your device(s) with the experience loaded. It’s time to start sharing the experience with your teammates!

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