Voice Enabled Devices

VUX for Alexa and Google Assistant


Making Business Tasks Conversational

The additions of Alexa and Google Assistant have made talking to a box seem perfectly normal! APG believes in the potential of Alexa and Google Assistant to transform the way we live, work and interact - with each other and technology. With our own products built on each platform, we bring real-world expertise to our clients by assessing opportunities and the desired VUX (voice user experience).

Scenarios Suitable for Voice

Practically any transactional function is suitable for voice. While we are all accustomed to IVR (interactive voice response) scenarios by phone, we are not quite as accustomed to using Alexa and Google Assistant for similar functions. The VUX investment is significant - thinking through all possible situations and utterances that a person might use with the device. As designers, we love this emerging intersection of linguistics and technology!

Voice is probably right for your company. We challenge our clients to think about:

  • Financial Services - account balance, paying a bill, notifications, rewards programs

  • Retail and Restaurant - placing an order, checking available stock, arranging upcoming deliveries

  • Medical, Dental and Vision - making or changing appointments, refilling prescriptions, health assessment reminders

  • B2B Projects - receiving and sharing project statuses, organizing meetings, collaboration

  • Entertainment - adding your company’s voice to the many existing news, music and announcement skills that exist today

Our Approach

An iterative approach to building your voice companion

You may have been thinking about extending voice into your workforce or customer experience, but do not know where to begin. APG will meet you where you are in the VR consideration process.

APG begins each engagement by asking: What are we accomplishing together and what is your definition of success? Here we can understand your objectives, initial ideas, and provide our own perspectives.

Following an initial Discovery Meeting, we will provide you with a plan for a Design phase engagement where our mission will be to define the personas the voice solution will serve and the high-level tasks you want the virtual world users to accomplish. If any systems integration will be involved, we will seek to understand those systems and how they will interact with the solution. The Design phase will allow us to produce a storyboard and mock-ups of the possible. You will be engaged at every step of the project to confirm your requirements before investments are made in building the final product.

Following Design is Build, where the system architecture is finalized, infrastructure and code is put into place, and where the voice skill is built. The duration and cost of Build varies depending upon the scope of the project.

Deployment is when APG deploys your skill and it becomes available on your Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled device.

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