Web Applications

Web-based systems to serve employees and customers


We design and build web applications that connect employees and customers to complete critical, analytical and transactional tasks.

This is one of our offerings that many see as ‘table stakes’ among technology consulting firms. Like the firm you met yesterday or the one you meeting with tomorrow, we design and build web-based applications.

Our differentiator is that we infuse the design, build and support with the end users at the forefront.

Redefine the Meaning of a Successful Application

Any firm can walk in, share case studies, and propose to build your web-based application. We know this because we have done so many times!

But how many firms begin the conversation by understanding the users involved: the decision-making executives, the operations team that will use the application to fulfill orders, the technology team that will support the application long-term, the external customers of yours who will use the application to manage their accounts.

There is a sizable human dynamic to consider, as early as possible, when designing and building technology.

Our Approach

An iterative approach to building a truly useful and sustainable application

Key questions we seek answers to include:

  1. What is your definition of success?

  2. Do you have personnel who can support this application once it is built?

  3. Should we use a particular technology stack so that your existing team can support it?

  4. Are you amenable to hiring or retraining your existing team?

  5. How, where and when will the technology be used?

If the firm you met yesterday or the one you meet with tomorrow do not ask these sorts of questions, be wary.

Our inherent empathy is what has led to many happy clients and end users of the applications we have designed and built. We empathize with you as the decision-maker and the pressures you are under to get the technology built on time and within budget.

APG can do this, and also ensure it is built well holistically – for you, your team and your customers.  

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