Work with APG

A Career with Impact

The heart of our culture is in our name: Aligned Partner Group. APG sees teammates and clients as partners working toward a common objective. The leadership team of APG takes this very seriously: forging long-term relationships with its teammates and clients to understand their objectives and to remain aligned and transparent with respect to achieving incredible outcomes.

Teammates at APG are not just a number; they are viewed as professionals with career expertise and ambitions. APG understands and provides opportunities aligned to the individual’s goals.

APG hosts frequent meet-up and networking events. We often bring in guest speakers to offer professional development and local market perspectives.

APG’s success is your success too: We are the first professional services firm to offer an innovative incentive program that is directly tied to your contribution, your relationship with your client, and the success of your teammates. This program is one more way to ensure clients are delighted and teammates are truly rewarded for their contributions to the company. Perhaps the best aspect of this program is that there is no waiting for an annual bonus; rewards are distributed on an ongoing basis!

We look forward to meeting you!